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If you would like to design images for blog posts, social media or online ads, you actually do not need a degree in graphic design. You just need to wrap your head around some best practices and design tips. You must also consider what makes your audience stay longer on your landing page. Here are some tips and points to consider:

Word Choice

Tempting product descriptions are vital for online store success. There is no longer room for a product description that simply explains a product. Prior to writing a product description, you must ask yourself if you want to appear as a boring firm with a standard description or you prefer to distinguish your firm by displaying humor and affability. The tone will always depend on your organization and how you deal with customers. Unique product descriptions are important when you want to rank above the competition in web searches. Pay attention to what you say with each item, taking the time to do so will help the customer understand its value.

Virality of Headlines

While a lot of different, very specific recommendations on how to make things viral are floating around in the world, for instance, make content emotional. Our work shows that there are really two underlying motives to share, which are deeply rooted in core human nature. We share to connect with others and to present ourselves in a positive light.

Loss Aversion

Loss aversion is the idea that we feel more pain at losing something that we feel pleased or excited when we gain something of an equal value. It is a concept which is not without controversy but the theory is widely-accepted and you can test it for yourself. This means that you can use phrasing to stimulate the likelihood of someone taking a risk or avoiding it. We are more likely to take a risk when something is phrased as a gain rather than when it is phrased as a loss.

Serial Position Effect

Serial position effect is the tendency of a person to remember the first and last items in a series best and the middle items worst. When ordering your navigation, put the important stuff at the beginning and end. The readers’ attention and retention are lowest in the middle. If the prospect makes a decision greater than 30 seconds after exposure, place the most important item first. If the decision is made right away, place the most important item last on the list. As visitors scan the page, the first and the last items are most likely to stay in short-term memory.


Supportive Content

Not thinking twice, you join them in crossing because you assume it is the right thing to do because everyone around is doing it. This illustrates just how suggestible we humans are, and how we tend to copy those around us in a non-ending quest to behave accordingly in social situations. Basically, as soon as someone has used your product or service, and then mentions it on the web, that counts as social proof for your online store. This can be anything from your basic customer review to an actual endorsement by a credible influencer