How do you write an “About Us” that sells your brand but doesn’t sound too aggressive or boastful? It’s hard to strike that balance, but these tips can help you write a company background and history that will win your customers’ interest.

Talk about your audience’s needs

The secret to the best website design in Singapore is to be customer-centered. Your customer landed on your website because he was looking for a product or service that would meet a particular need. That also applies to writing an effective “About Us” page.

Start by naming a concrete problem your customer is dealing with and link it to your company mission. Here’s a great example:

example of About Us



 Don’t say it, show it

Flowery adjectives and motherhood statements like “We put customer service first!” isn’t persuasive. Instead, give facts, pictures and stories that demonstrate your mission and vision.  You can include:

  • Impressive facts (amount of products on your website, sales growth a year, number of customers served)
  • Customer quotes
  • Awards received
  • Industry certifications
  • Photos of past events
  • Photos of your team in action

Tell your story

Today’s customers want to understand a brand’s personality. This is a good chance to make an emotional connection to them and show you “the story behind the products.”

However, don’t just list dates and names. This isn’t a History class! Tell the story in a way that makes them feel “Hey, I can trust this brand!” or “Wow, so this is why that brand has a particular philosophy or mission. It’s not just words, it means something to the owner.”   Here’s a good example of how good layout and design can tell a story in a way that’s easy to read:



Use a conversational tone

You shouldn’t just copy-paste whatever is on your company brochure. Write in a way that makes you feel your readers feel that you are accessible, trustworthy, and easy to work with. Ask yourself, “What would I or my salesperson sound like if he were introducing himself and the company face to face?” That’s the best way to write your “About Us” page.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Chances are you have competitors who offer the same kind of products, services, and treatments. They’ll also say they have several years of experience, and may even have the same degrees,  credentials, and professional affiliations. How do you make your “About Us” stand out?

It will be in the way you tell your story. Here are some questions to help guide your brainstorming and decide the special slant or concept that will make your “About Us” sound unique and memorable.

  • Frame your Mission Statement as “Why did I establish this company?” What do I want to do for you, and why is it personally important to me and my employees that we do it well? What impact do we want to make on our customer’s lives?”
  • Write your company story. How did it start, how did it grow, what are the milestones that helped define your brand or bring it to where it is today.
  • Single out the “Aha!” moment: a big market insight, technological breakthrough, pivotal partnership, or even a memorable experience with a customer.
  • Explain what you’re offering. Don’t just parrot the product descriptions, but what makes these products or services valuable to the buyer. Does it save time or money, or does it give information or additional income?
  • Talk about values. Why is this business important to you? You may sell LED lightbulbs, but the value behind this business can be grounded on energy-efficiency and the environment. You may be a plastic surgeon, but behind the treatments is a desire to help women become more confident.

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