Building a website is only one part of building your online presence. The most successful brands also have a social media strategy. Here are some benefits you can get from investing in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Social media lets you reach out to very targeted audiences

Your website is probably written for a general Singapore audience. However, social media lets you target your content to niche communities. You can boost your Facebook posts to people with specific interests or who live in specific locations. You can partner with Instagram influencers who are popular among niche groups.   

 Social media allows product discovery

People often turn to Instagram, Pinterest or Youtube to discover new products or services. In fact, many of them will do Internet research on a brand before they go to a store. They won’t just check your website – they’ll also look for reviews people left on your Facebook page, or video tutorials that you or other people have done. The more information you leave around the Internet, the more chances they have of finding more about your brand.


Social media makes your brand look more relatable and trustworthy

Websites give information; social media allows conversations. You can reply to comments, create posts that reflect your brand personality and image, and share content that make people say, “Wow, this brand is SO ME.”  

Customers are also more likely to contact brands through the social media pages. It’s easier and faster for them to send a direct message than an email. If they can’t find any active social media accounts, they may be frustrated that you are “hard to reach”.

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Social media establishes you an expert

Use social media to lead conversations about an important topic. For example, Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes’ articles on social media and entrepreneurship has drawn more than one million followers.   Whole Foods posts recipes on Pinterest that get thousands of shares years after they have been posted.

Social media increases website traffic

Sharing links on your social media can help you promote specific content or push pages that are not getting enough views. And since people can share your content, you also get an additional boost from word of mouth.

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