The best business blogs don’t just talk about product features or promote big sales events. They also have plenty of what professional content writers call “evergreen content.”

What is Evergreen Content?

Think of the evergreen tree: its leaves stay fresh no matter what time of the year it is. In the same way, evergreen content is always useful and relevant to readers. That’s why it will continue to attract page views and shares years after it’s been posted.

For example, an online magazine may have a very time-specific article like “2018 Holiday Makeup Trends.” It’s a good article that will ride on hashtags and trending topics, but it won’t be very interesting to someone in Summer 2019.

That’s why it will have a good percentage of evergreen content. An article like “How to Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skintone” will be useful to every reader, of every age, at any year. It may not get as many hits when it’s posted because it’s not a hot search term, but it will build up more traffic over time because of its universal relevance and value.

Evergreen content helps you rank for important keywords

Professional content writers often apply keyword research to evergreen content. They pick topics that are appealing to the audience, and then weave in the phrases as naturally as possible. Unlike keyword spamming where these phrases are inserted into text in a very annoying (and often unreadable) way, these articles are actually useful and engaging. They meet a reader’s need, while boosting your search engine ranking. It’s a win-win situation!  

Evergreen content gives readers a reason to return to your site

You can create content that answers frequently asked questions, tutorials, tips and other useful information. If it’s well-written and well-researched, your web visitors will see you as a valuable resource.  

Evergreen content lowers bounce rate

If you link your product pages to evergreen content (and vice versa) your website visitors will have more reason to explore your website. They won’t just quickly browse your items and leaving after a few seconds. They will click on a link, which leads to another link. (Find 5 more ways to lower your bounce rate.)

Evergreen content addresses the different stages of a sales funnel

Not all customers are ready to buy right away. Maybe some are still researching on a problem, or are comparing prices and options. Evergreen content can help engage them early on in their purchase journey. By giving them information and help from the very beginning, you earn their loyalty and trust.They will be more likely to return to you when they are ready for a purchase.  

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Evergreen content attracts links and shares

Very few websites will link to hard-sell product descriptions or sales talk. They are more likely to cite or share content that is useful, authoritative and well written. That’s why it’s important to get professional content writers to write your evergreen content. They understand what other websites are looking for, and can create high quality content that is more likely to attract backlinks or get social media shares.

Get Singapore Professional Content Writers to create your Evergreen Content 

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