Did you know that 75% of consumers will judge a company’s credibility from their website design? What kind of impression are you making on the people who visit your page? This checklist will help you evaluate your current design and know what you can improve with a website developer in Singapore.

 Clear and Easy Calls To Action

Customers go to your website to solve a problem. Your website should 1) help them make an informed decision and 2) provide a clear call to action.

Does your website only describe products and services without relating them to a customer’s need? Is the call to action button easy to find, and can it be quickly tapped with a thumb?

Mobile Responsiveness

More than 50% of Internet users mainly surf on mobile, and more than 80% will switch from computer to mobile within the course of a day. Be sure to get a website developer in Singapore who can create a responsive website design.

Responsive websites can be viewed well on desktop and mobile. It adapts to any size of the screen, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone. Right now, check your website on different devices. Are images distorted? Are features hard to find? Do call to action buttons work?

intuitive web development Singapore

Consistent and Intuitive Navigation

Do you overwhelm your visitors with too much information? Can they quickly find what they need? The only way to test this is to show it to someone who has never seen your site or doesn’t know your products.

Since you created the website (and also know your product and services well) you will obviously think it’s “easy” and “intuitive.” But remember your visitors don’t know your brand, and they are only casually skimming your text. Your website navigation should make it easy for them to locate what they want without confusing them with too many options or irrelevant information. (Read more about intuitive design.)

Search Engine Optimization

You need to get a full-service agency that can develop and optimize your website. Search Engine Optimization also has technical criteria that is affected by the website design and structure. When you hire a web developer, ask if he has an SEO expert who’ll make your website Google-friendly from the very beginning. For example, MapleTree Media – a Singapore web development agency – takes search engine optimization very seriously and includes strategies like keyword research.

Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

In the digital age, a website is part of an entire digital eco-system that includes social media and search engine marketing. To increase traffic and conversion, you should share your content on social media, or create ad campaigns that bring target audiences to specific landing pages. (Check out MapleTree Media’s social media strategies.)