Businesses can’t win on the web without solid content. Here are the most popular content writing services that can drive leads, sales and your search engine ranking.


Blogs are a vital part of any digital presence. Statistics show that small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than those who only have a basic website. Why?

  • Increase your website ranking. Blogs – especially if it’s part of a solid SEO content writing strategy — can help you rank for different keyword search terms
  • Nurture leads and conversions. Blogs build relationships with your readers and present you as a helpful brand that they can trust
  • Explain products and services. Blogs act like your digital salesman! They can elaborate on product features and strengths, or address common questions or customer needs.

business blogs

Of course, the proof is on the profit. Read about 10 industry statistics on why business blogs can increase revenue. 

But 1 or 2 blog posts a month won’t deliver these benefits! A Hubspot study found that companies that post 16 or more entries a month get five times more traffic than those who only post 1 to 4 times a month.   Companies that have more than 400 posts on their website also get a big spike in traffic.

That sounds like a lot of blogs, but you just need to make 4 blog posts a week for 6 months. Invest in  content writing services from an agency that specializes in SEO content writing. (MapleTree Media has provided SEO content writing for Singapore companies!)

Longform Content

B2B brands can build thought leadership with guides, white papers and ebooks. You can use this to:

  • Get more leads and subscribers (“Email us so when can send you the free ebook!”)
  • Nurture your leads in email marketing (“Join the club and get industry news in your inbox each week!”)

Longform content is usually 5,000 words and requires experienced website content writers and graphic designers. They will know how to present large chunks of information in an appealing and engaging way.

Customer reviews and testimonials

Always dedicate one section of your website for sharing positive customer feedback. There are different kinds of testimonials:

  • Quote testimonials. These are your usual one to two sentence quotes. You don’t have to include photos, but they can make a review become more credible and engaging.
  • Video Testimonials. These are some of the most persuasive ways of proving that a brand or service works. Check out how MapleTree Media has created video testimonials for Singapore  brands. 
  • Testimonials with a call to action. These combine a powerful and beautifully designed review with a clickable button. Here is an example:

example testimonial with CTA

Case Studies

Unlike customer reviews or testimonials, these are not just a few lines of praise. The typical format of a case study is:

  • The customer’s need or problem
  • How the product or service provided the best solution
  • The results and the business or personal impact

Video Demonstrations

Show how to use a product, or how you conduct a treatment or service. You can even do a tour of your factory or your office, and interview your resident expert. In just a few minutes, you’re able to showcase your brand more concretely and persuasively than a long product description or brochure. (Here is a example of how a product video for a Singapore beauty brand.)

 MapleTree Media is a Singapore digital marketing and website development agency. We provide content marketing services including article writing, SEO content writing, video production and more. Contact us so we can help you create engaging, persuasive content that will build your business and your sales.