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Sure, some companies are blessed with a copywriting and public relations team which can churn out content at the flip of a switch, but what about the companies and consultants who do not? If your brand is in need of attention-grabbing headlines, compelling product descriptions, epic email campaigns and more, you need to focus your energies on finding great copywriting services. Here are some considerations:

The Kind of Writer

What exactly do need and what kind of output do you expect? The first problem most people make when they look for a copywriter is to hire someone that can do everything since they do not know exactly what they want a writer to help them with. Make a list of the priorities your intended copywriter will take on once they get the job. If you have a clear idea of the types of content you need to create, you’ll be able to better narrow your search.

Specific Skillset

If you have regular copy needs on an ongoing basis, you have two options. The first is to hire someone full-time. This is not always the most affordable option, but the bonus is that a copywriter gets even better as they dive into a brand’s identity. It turns out as an investment, but if words are important to your business so it will be worth it. If it does not work, it is still ideal to have someone on call to help with copy projects as they pop up, especially one already familiar with your brand’s voice. Another win-win.

Grasp of SEO

If you find a good copywriter, make sure to introduce them to keyword research tools, basic SEO guidelines, and the proper use of headers. This will not only save you editing time, but also will help with your traffic in the long run. But you may want to avoid hiring an SEO pro as you need someone that only has SEO knowledge, who mainly focuses on content and not just on keywords. Nothing is an inspiration killer more than a long, strict set of words that a writer simply must adhere to. 

Performance and Success Metrics

Use success metrics to grade your writers. Set up measurable metrics like the number of inbound links, bookmarks, and traffic each of their posts receive. This way, you will have the correct numbers behind their performance.

Adapting the Company’s Voice

Every sales piece has a “voice.” It can be informative, caring, professional, alarming and it often sounds like it comes from a specific person. Someone who can capture the voice of the original successful piece, and write new pieces that sound just like they were written by the same person as the original piece which reader can no longer tell the difference.