One of the biggest advantages of getting a Singapore content writing company (instead of just a freelance writer) is that you don’t just get blogs, you get a blog strategy.

A blog strategy doubles your chances of success. A study by Content Marketing Institute found that 60% of companies that had a written content strategy got the results they wanted. Compare this to the poor batting average of 32% of those who hired freelance article writers on an ad hoc basis.

When you hire a content writing company, you aren’t just getting blogs, you’re getting a content strategy. How does that help you and your business?

 You have clear content goals

You’re not churning articles for the sake of filling your website. Each article meets articulated business objectives. It is easier to measure the success of your campaign, and to see how your blogs fit into other sales and marketing efforts.

Your content is based on market research

A credible content writing company like Mapletree Media understands the latest content trends, best practices, and studies on consumer behavior.  This lets you created very targeted and results-driven content campaigns.

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You have professional, experienced writers on your team

A copywriting agency has a full stable of writers who have different technical skills. Some specialize in short, powerful copy for Facebook ads. Others have the technical background and research skills to create ebooks, white papers and B2B posts. By outsourcing your content writing to an agency, you are able to access content specialists.

You optimize your content

A full-service content writing agency also has SEO and SEM specialists who can optimize your content for search engines. Your content doesn’t just build your brand and your relationship with your customers, it also contributes to your website ranking.

You can create multi-platform campaigns

Blogs are not enough. To succeed in the digital age, you need to create a content eco-system that includes blog posts, social media, landing pages and more. A content writing company can help you identify what content you need, create the content, and then integrate everything into one powerful campaign.

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