If you’re serious about using your website to increase sales, then you need a well-crafted landing page from a content writing company.

“Never start any sales or marketing campaign without a landing page,” says content marketing guru and SEO expert Neil Patel.  He explains that even the best home pages will just provide a general overview of your business for the general public. Even if you put links to your products/services or testimonials, you’re not directly addressing the customer’s specific need or search query. He still has to explore the website to find what he wants.

Landing pages have a more specific message and target specific audiences. Instead of casting a wide net to the general public, you’re going after customers who are most likely to buy from you. In other words, landing pages create conversions.

Focus on a particular benefit

Uber used this landing page to get drivers to sign up. It picked one strong emotional benefit (flexibility). Notice how their content writing company picked powerful images and words to drive home the point in just a few seconds: the smiling driver, and the tagline “Drive when you want. Earn what you need.”

content writing services landing page

Uber may have focused on other benefits, such as the prestige of being part of the Uber brand, higher income, or driver incentives. Those make great topics for other landing pages, too! But by focusing on just one message they can persuade people whose biggest priority is time and freedom.

 Focus on a particular product or service

The Body Shop’s landing page focused on its limited edition Leona Lewis line and its partnership with Cruelty Free International.  It gives very specific calls to action: buying the product (which leads them to page with the product descriptions and a list of their stores), signing a pledge, or finding more about the campaign on Facebook.

content writing services beauty

This a good example of how a landing page can highlight a product and connect different components of a marketing campaign. Don’t isolate your website from what’s going on in your social media or your physical stores. People don’ see “Channels” they see “Brands” and “Benefits.” Your landing page connects everything you do into one unforgettable message and a concrete call to action.

That’s why it’s always important to give a “Big Picture” to your content writing company. Tell them your marketing objectives, your tie-ups, and your social media and sales initiatives. They can create a landing page strategy that communicates and converts in just a few words and pictures.

Focus on an event

Take advantage of peak sales seasons like Black Friday, the holidays, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, or more. Create landing pages that highlight special offers or relevant products.

content writing services sale

This is a powerful landing page that stands out from other Black Friday ads. Notice how the copy makes the reader feel that 1) he has a choice, and 2) he’s being a coupon instead of being told to buy. These are subtle psychological cues that remove resistance and hesitation. People don’t like being told to do things; they want to be told that they’ll get things.

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