Many small business owners just maintain a token online presence: a bare website, a half-empty and rarely updated Facebook page. But even before your customers walk into your physical store, they’re judging you online. Industry facts prove why you need professional web design – and the help of web design services – right now. Here are the top 3 reasons why small business owners need professional web design services.

Consumers don’t trust businesses without a website

A survey by Search Engine Land found that 63% of consumers go online to find products and services. Even if they heard about your brand or seen your store at the local mall, they’ll still research about you on the web.

One in three customers won’t even consider calling or going to a visit if it doesn’t have a website. “If I can’t find anything about the brand or the products, I’ll just try something else. I can’t trust a company that I know nothing about,” said one survey respondent.

 Customers expect beautiful and functional design

An ugly website is like having ugly packaging or store interiors.  A study by Adobe found that 38% of website visitors will stop engaging with the content if it as unappealing pictures and layout. A report by Forces said that  94% of website visitors say they don’t trust a website with bad design elements such as busy layouts, boring or tacky design, unreadable font, or badly written or slow loading content.

“If a company can’t even make a good website, how can you believe them when they say they can make a good product or have a commitment to customer service? They don’t even care if their website is helpful or not,” said customers interviewed by Forbes.

Your website design affects your revenue and reputation

Even ecommerce professionals agree that design has become a deal-breaker: 87% of said that companies that invest in their business website design.

A study by Adobe found that ’s global survey of customer trends found that companies with well-designed websites have higher sales, higher brand recall, and better customer perception.

It’s even more important for small businesses to invest in professional website design services because you’re competing against industry giants. Your professional web design convinces customers that you have the same quality and image as the more established brands. (Find out more about website design services when you’re on a tight budget.)

Professional website design services don’t have to expensive! Contact us at MapleTree Media — we’ll be happy to help you build your business with professional web design and digital marketing services.