Content marketing has changed drastically in the last 5 years. Thanks to new technology and access to data, it has become smarter, more personalized and more strategic. Here are some of the three biggest trends in the way content is created and distributed.

 From mass media campaigns to specific content strategies

“Mass media” is dead. Brands are now targeting content to specific audiences or platforms, instead of trying to speak to everyone in the same way. That’s because landing pages, Facebook ad campaigns and Google ad campaigns can let you choose who sees your content. Instead of sending out a generic message, you can use words and images that will resonate with that audience.

As strategy becomes more important, companies need to pick the right messages and tools for each audience or customer persona. Don’t leave this up to chance. According to Content Marketing Institute, 65% content marketers have a documented strategy. Work this out with your content writing company before creating any kind of article or website content.

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From customer transactions to customer relations

According to Forbes, the traditional marketing and sales funnel sees customers as “gatekeepers to wallets”. However, people are now suspicious of blatant advertising and are more demanding about service and getting a good customer experience. They also take their time before buying anything. They check out brand reputation, they observe social media accounts, they read customer reviews.

The best brands understand this new customer expectation and go out of their way to create positive interactions on every platform. They aren’t just trying to sell a product; they’re building a relationship.

“The funnel is becoming more of an ongoing cycle that prioritizes continuous engagement over transactional relationships. This increased focus on nurturing, especially post-sale, makes customers more likely to stay with you or buy again — and more likely to give recommendations to friends and colleagues,” says Forbes.

From high-volume content creation to smarter content distribution

People are overwhelmed with content. Many of them tune out advertising and marketing messages or get annoyed by intrusive brand content.

That’s why content marketers now have the challenge of sending content not just to the right people, but at the right time. When will they be more receptive to receiving this information?  What kind of content will they be looking for? Instead of forcing them to read your content, you’re giving them content what they need, when they need it.

Google research has found that people go on the web for four needs: The Need To Buy, The Need To Know, The Need to Go, The Need to Do. So a search query would be different based on what need they have:

“I need to buy shoes”

“I need to know what shoes will go with this dress”

“I need to go to the nearest shoe store”

You can’t meet all those four needs with one article on shoes. And if you just have a website with an online catalogue of all your shoes, you’ll miss the queries on shoes that match a dress.

Get strategic and targeted content writing services

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