Top 3 Web Design Tools You Must Try!

Top Web Design Tools

Top Web Design Tools

Creating a top-notch website requires top-class talent, however, it also needs the right equipment and web design tools. In the fast-paced world of the modern technology, the work between web designers and web developers are becoming a blur as is the tool they use evolve with them.

In the world of technology where everything advances in a blink of an eye, the choices for tools that one can use for web development is countless. In this blog, we have rounded up the top 3 tools you should be using today to create the perfect website design!


Affinity Designer

Web Design Tool - Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer has been created by Serif and it has been dubbed as the ‘Photoshop Killer’, want to know why? One of many features is that you can adjust vectors with its non-destructive layers without damaging them.

The app is very well designed and is a tool committed to creating stunning graphics and web designs. When working with Vector art, the 1,000,000 percent zoom of this app is very handy beating photoshop’s 32,000. Other features of the Affinity Designer that made it at the top of this list are:

  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Created a less distraction when editing
  • 8,000 steps for the History and Undo features

Overall, Having Affinity Designer by your side will make your work really easy while making it as extravagant as possible. Plus, it is a total bargain with just £48.99 on its price tag!


Adobe Creative Cloud

Web Design Tool - Adobe Creative
Adobe Creative Cloud is the tool that provides its subscribers a set of software to edit videos, graphic design, web development and so on. It is the most famous one on the list as it is as essential. It is great for creating impeccable vector logos to a pixel-perfect visual design for your website.

Adobe has created a name for itself over the years, it’s been the go-to app for evert designers and developers. Recently, Adobe introduced its most interactive tool to date, Adobe Kuler. It is a must-have for both designers and developers that have a keen eye for color palettes. If this doesn’t urge you to give the app a shot, read on for more!



Web Desing Tool - Sketch

Sketch is dubbed as the best Digital Design Toolkit, a definite must-have for both aspiring and experienced web designers. One of the features that Sketch makes other apps a run for its money is how it incorporated CSS logic into its system making the design conversions so much easier.

Another feature that every designer will love is the Automatic Slicing which speeds up the design and development crossover. Sketch can devise assets via one-click export that exports at 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x and in different formats!

According to the Founder of Bohemian Coding, Pieter Omvlee, the creator of Sketch “When we set out to build Sketch, we envisioned an app for the modern digital designer” and they succeeded, they the materialization of their vision.