Design Services

As publishers we know how important it is to keep your designs looking their best, fresh and attractive to enhance your brand. Using our Design Services our creative team will help you with all your design needs from logos to landing pages!



Your brand and the face of your business are defined by your logo. Our Design Services will make sure that your logo design makes for a memorable face to your brand.


4 Important Elements of a

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  • Font

    Choose a font that reflects the tone and feel of your business!

  • Color

    Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%, so choosing the right color palette is vital to making your logo and forging your brand

  • Layout

    Make sure that your icon and any text are correctly sized to ensure a unified look for your logo.

  • Icon

    Some of the most effective icons are simple. Play around with simple shapes and lines and you may be surprised with what you may come up with.

4 Tips for the Perfect Logo


Less is always more and that applied to the best logo designs as well.


Whether it be for the smallest package or a billboard, it is vital that your logo is adaptable for whatever the situation you need to use it in.


Your logo should reflect your business and your audience so focus your design on the most relevant and important traits of your business.


Your logo will need to encompass everything your brand and business stands for. Creativity is an absolute must to make sure your logo is original and capable of displaying the spirit of your company.

Featured Logo Projects

Speed Magazine, Publishing Company

Synergia, Insurance Company

Unidev, Development Company

Nature Key, Hair Care Prouct

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