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Founded by Dr Steven Ang, his practice interests include cosmetic dermatology, antiageing medicine and bariatric (slimming) medicine.


  • Mapletree Media started with a logo for Dr Steven Ang
  • Setting up a website Dr Steven Ang clinic
  • Writing articles about Dr Steven Ang on A&B Website


With the article on Dr Steven BI website, this will allow new customers to get to know about Dr. Steven Ang Anesthetic & Family Clinic , inviting more customers into the brand.
Also, with the creation of Logo and set up of website, customers will then have easy access to his website and can contact him through the website, increasing in customer engagement.

Website with dual language feature

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English version

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Chinese version

Dr. Steven Ang article on A&B website

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New Customers

  • Creation of Logo
  • Website Start Up

Customer Loyalty

  • Articles on A&B Website
  • Website Start Up