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The client is a regional distributor of medical and beauty equipment for Doctors and Spas. Client had a specific look & feel based on their HQ in Spain site. The old site was not mobile responsive and needed a full revamp to ensure it was modern and scaleable for more products and content to be added in future.
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INDIBA® therapy is a non-invasive radiofrequency
(RF) based treatment for both face and body. Based
on the patented ‘Proionicaction’, the treatment
facilitates the exchange of positive and negative ions
between the extracellular and intracellular matrix of
the cells to create a balanced state of ions (healthy


  • Therapies of INDIBA was placed on the BI website.
  • Articles of the INDIBA therapy was placed on the A&B website.
  • Copy of Copy of Indiba website revamped similar to principal to align marketing messages


With the article on INDIBA on A&B website, this will allow new customers to get to know about INDIBA, inviting more customers into the brand.
Also, with INDIBA on the BI review platform, new customers will be able to get to know more about INDIBA.

Based on the look of the HQ in Spain – which was a specific request from the client

  • Indiba Website Before
  • Indiba Website After
  • Indiba article on BI website
  • Indiba arcticle on AB
  • Indiba Articles on AB website

Campaign Summary

New Customers

  • BI Customer review platform (New customers/Customer Loyalty)
  • AB Article write ups

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