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Beauty Resources specializes in distributing beauty, skin care, and mineral make-up and wellness products in both Singapore and Malaysia. Emphasizing on the tagline ‘Because Good Skin Matters’, the company focuses on bringing radiance to their clients’ skin by advocating proper skincare regimes, safe formulas, education and training; and advanced beauty techniques.


  • A revamp of the website, making the website clearer and also added ecommerce.
  • Articles of Environ was placed on the website of A&B. Products of environ were placed on BI website.
  • There were Youtube production done, and Beauty resources is now on a mobile app.


With the article on Jane Iredale on BI website, this will allow new customers to get to know about Environ, inviting more customers into the brand.
Also, there is a ecommerce platform being placed. This will allow exisiting customers to find it simpler to buy their products as it becomes an online sales.
Mobile application that is being done for BR will allow convenience as it is on the go.

Minimalism Design – Easy access to different tabs and social media

  • Beauty Resources website Before
  • Beauty Resources Website After

Less Cluttered, e-commerce added for easy check out system

  • Beauty Resources website old catalog
  • Beauty Resources Website new  products catalog
  • Environ on BI website
  • Environ feature article on AB website
  • Beauty Resources Mobile Application

Campaign Summary

  • Website Revamp
  • BI Customer review platform
  • A&B Article
  • Video Production
  • Mobile App Production